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Potter’s Falls

I shot this photograph soon after sunrise this morning at Upper Potter’s Falls. It’s located on the Cumberland Plateau along Crooked Fork Creek, a short distance from Wartburg, Tennessee. You can visit my galleries for a broad selection of great prints and more. Thanks very much!


12 responses to “Potter’s Falls”

  1. Inge David Avatar

    Prachtige weer en steeds sta ik verstelt van je mooie bezoeken en foto’s!
    Thanks for sharing! TY ✍️📧
    Warmest greetings from Belgium! Happy Weekend! 🌹🤗

    1. Phil Avatar

      Heel erg bedankt lieve Inge! Ik ben blij dat ik vanmorgen vroeg ben gegaan, toen het mooi was…want het regent hier, nu. TY also ✍️📧 You are sweet, my friend ~ thank you! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 🌹🤗

      1. Inge David Avatar

        Je hebt geluk gehad met het weer, jammer van de regen nu net nu het weekend is. Momenteel kreunen wij onder een hitte die we hier niet gewend zijn. Fijn weekend, Phil en dank je wel voor alles! 🤗🌹

        1. Phil Avatar

          It’s my pleasure, dear Inge ~ glad I could help! Keep cool & thank you! 😙🌹

  2. Mây Bắc Mỹ Avatar

    Really nice photo.😘

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks very much, dear Mây and have a nice weekend, my friend. 😘

  3. Mitchell Webster Avatar

    Great waterfall photography, Phil!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks Mitchell 👍

  4. Harshi Avatar

    What an amazing shot, Phil! Love the angle! This one is so refreshing for the eyes and makes the heart soar and sing! ❤

    1. Phil Avatar

      You are most kind, dear Harshi ~ thanks very much! I’m so glad that you enjoy this waterfall scene, as do I. Wishing for you a splendid weekend! 🤗🌹

  5. travelling_han Avatar

    This looks so peaceful, I’d love to stand there watching the water cascade 🙂

    1. Phil Avatar

      Yes, I had peace and quiet to enjoy the beauty of nature. TY dear Hannah 🙂

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