A Sip of Comedy

Today, under the burden of inflation, everyone is trying to save money. In fact, I’ve gone as far as to stop washing my coffee cup! As a result, it’s become very stained. Yet, looking at the bright side of things, I’m now only making coffee half as often – every other day, I simply fill my cup with hot water to bring out the flavor…

© 2022 Phil Perkins

PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from unsplash.com.

19 responses to “A Sip of Comedy”

  1. Inderdaad, wat je schrijft klopt …. we moeten allen besparen in deze moeilijke tijden!
    Goede keuze van je muziek!
    Have a wonderful day dear Phil! 👌👍🌹

  2. OMG, Phil, you are comical my friend. 🤣😆🤭 This is a great antidote to the inflation. Now, where did I put my coffee cup??? LOL ☕☕☕ The Blues Brothers is a perfect touch for the craziness. Ain’t that the truth! LMAO!!! 😎😅😎 Have a wonderful day Master Photographer! 📷

  3. Never thought of this possibility. Thank you so much for that tip. To save money and also avoid a lot of dishes. Perfect, dear Phil! Have a pleasant evening 🤗 ☕

    • 😂😂 So glad you’ve enjoyed my sense of humor, dear Kristallina. Yes, the fewer dishes the better! Thank you, and I wish for you the same 🤗🌹

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