Bonzai on Bee Rock

Though it’s growing through solid rock in the wild, seeing this small pine tree on the side of Bee Rock reminded me of a Bonzai tree. I took this photograph in Monterey, Tennessee, and you can see more – fine prints, etc. – when you visit the following galleries:

Hope to see you soon!

13 responses to “Bonzai on Bee Rock”

  1. You noticed that well! And yes, such a tree has a lot in common with it! Beautiful photography! Have a wonderful day dear Phil ! 👌👍🌹
    Thanks 📧🤗

    • Thank you for your kind comments, dear Inge ~ much appreciated! I also enjoyed your 📧 too 🤗 and wish for you a pleasant evening! 🌹

  2. Awesome silhouettes of trees against the blue sky. Love the texture and colours in the rocks. You have an artist’s eye to capture beauty in nature as you do.

    • You are as kind as can be, dear Louise ~ much appreciated! Really, it’s a lovely area with ample natural scenery to enjoy, conducive to good pictures. Thank you. 🤗

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