Phil Perkins Photography

Bald River Falls

Adjacent to the Tellico River in eastern Tennessee, Bald River Falls stands an impressive 90-feet tall and consistently has a decent flow of water. This photograph was taken under a bridge along River Road. Fine prints and more are available in my galleries at Pixels and ArtPal. Thanks for stopping by!


14 responses to “Bald River Falls”

  1. TasView (Tone) Avatar

    An impressive waterfall!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks 👍

  2. vermavkv Avatar

    Beautiful image.

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks Vijay 👍

  3. Kristallina Avatar

    So beautiful! Framed by all the greenery. I love it, Phil!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks so much, dear Kristallina ~ it is a wonderful area to visit. 🤗🌹

  4. Inge David Avatar

    So beautiful! Thank for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend, dear Phil! 👌👍🌹

    1. Phil Avatar

      I appreciate your kind words, my dear friend Inge, and wish for you a wonderful weekend, also! TY 🤗🌹

      1. Inge David Avatar

        For you too!! 🌹

  5. House of Heart Avatar

    Such a beautiful place, I would love to visit , just gorgeous Phil. 🌹

    1. Phil Avatar

      Like you, my friend…so beautiful! If you’re ever in my neck of the woods, I’d love to show you such places. These falls, for example, can be viewed while standing on the road, and there’s another smaller waterfall less than 1/2 mile away. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, dear Holly. 🌹

      1. House of Heart Avatar

        Thank you dear Phil, should I ever get out that way it would be a delight to visit these breathtaking waterfalls 🌹

  6. tiffanyarpdaleo Avatar
    1. Phil Avatar

      TY Tiffany 🙏🏻😊

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