Ozone Falls

Situated on the eastern edge of the Crab Orchard Mountains on the Cumberland Plateau, in Cumberland County, Tennessee, Ozone Falls stands an impressive 110-feet tall and provides visitors with wonderful – and, rather loud – scenery. You can enjoy this landscape at home or in your office, when you select a print from my galleries at Pixels and/or Redbubble.

Thanks a bunch!

Extreme Sports: I found this video on YouTube from 2016, featuring a daredevil kayaker (Dane Jackson) making a descent over Ozone Falls…


11 responses to “Ozone Falls”

  1. Daredevil was the right word. Never ever! I would prefer to stand where you took the amazing photo. Have a nice day 🤗

    1. haha Yes, I’m right there with you, my friend. Never ever! Thank you, dear Kristallina & I wish you a nice day, as well 🤗

  2. Amazing and wonderful work Phil!!!👌👍🌹

    ( mail sending )

    1. Many thanks, dear Inge! I appreciate your kind message, my friend! I have sent you an email, too. 🌹

      1. Many thanks dear Phil! Have a wonderful friday my friend! 🌹

    1. Thanks very much, dear Mây 🤗

  3. Some people! Too dangerous for me, I will stick to the lazy rivers!

    1. You and me both, my friend! Wishing you a great weekend, Tiffany 😎

  4. Yep, you made me speechless again. 👏👏♥️🥰♥️👏👏

    1. Cool breeze, Robin. It is a beautiful waterfall with (during summer months) an inviting plunge pool! TY 😇

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