Phil Perkins Photography

Rocky River

This morning photograph of the Middle Prong Little River was taken in the Tremont section of the Smoky Mountains, in Tennessee. I’ve made it available on many fine prints and other items in my galleries at Pixels, ArtPal and Redbubble. So, stop by for a look around when you’re in the neighborhood!


23 responses to “Rocky River”

    1. Phil Avatar

      I’m so glad, dear Manuela ~ thank you & have a great day! 🤗

  1. Robin King Avatar

    Beautiful! And so interesting, how those rocks are lined up. Like stepping stones? I love it when we can see through the shallows water to the bed. The light twinkles as the water moves. Lovely green moss, too. ♥️🤗

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks very much, dear Robin ~ glad you like it! Yes, those rocks seem to mirror the flow of water…an invitation to be photographed 📷 Have a great day, my friend! 🤗

  2. Inge David Avatar
    1. Phil Avatar

      Many thanks dear Inge!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks very much ~ glad you like it! 😊

      1. sweetladyloveshouseoflove1812 Avatar

        You’re welcome 😊 Have a blessed Weekend my friend 🙏

        1. Phil Avatar

          Thank, you too 🙏😊

  3. BonnieReadsAndWrites Avatar

    I love this one. Did you ever take any photos at Deep Creek in Bryson City?

    1. Phil Avatar

      Hi Bonnie, thank you. I’ve not been to Deep Creek yet. Is it nice?

      1. BonnieReadsAndWrites Avatar

        It is gorgeous. You’ll have to check it out. Though in the thick of the summer it’s full of tubers.

        1. Phil Avatar

          I bet…keepin’ cool! Sounds interesting ~ thanks for the heads up, Bonnie. 🤗

  4. 100 Country Trek Avatar

    Such an amazing image Phil.

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thank you for your kind words, dear Anita ~ much appreciated! 🙂

  5. House of Heart Avatar

    Lovely, I adore the old stone soldiers guiding the riverside! 🌹

    1. Phil Avatar

      Yes, so scenic as to proffer an invitation to record. So glad you like it, lovely Holly, and I wish you a wonderful day! 🤗🌹

      1. House of Heart Avatar

        Same to you and a beautiful weekend too 🤗🌹

        1. Phil Avatar

          TY Holly 🌞🌹😘

  6. Cindy Georgakas Avatar

    oh it’s incredible Phil! 💖💖💖💖

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thank you so much, dear Cindy! 💖😘

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