Phil Perkins Photography

Crooked Fork Creek

Located on the Cumberland Plateau near Wartburg, Tennessee, this is Crooked Fork Creek, a tributary to Emory River. In the background, the 18-foot tall Upper Potter’s Falls is visible. Find prints and more, here:

I hope to see you soon!


21 responses to “Crooked Fork Creek”

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks, Kymber ~ Glad you like it! 😊

  1. Robin King Avatar

    Oh, WOW!! The two areas of water look like they’re racing each other! The rocks, the water – everything’s so beautiful!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks very much, dear Robin! It was a nice morning to be on site, and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the picture ~ have a great week ahead, my friend! 🤗🌹

      1. Robin King Avatar

        You, too, Phil! Thank you! 🙂

        1. Phil Avatar
  2. House of Heart Avatar

    This is a beautiful scene! 🤗🌹

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks very much, lovely Holly! 🤗🌹

      1. House of Heart Avatar

        It’s truly beautiful, I wouldn’t want to challenge those white waters though! 😉

        1. Phil Avatar

          True. Yet, there is a spot nearby, downstream, where the water is deep with an almost turquoise color, where it’s calm and very peaceful. I think you would like it. 😙

          1. House of Heart Avatar

            That sounds lovely, just a bit of white water rafting and then relaxing on the turquoise river bank. 🗺

            1. Phil Avatar


              1. House of Heart Avatar

                Absolutely ! 🧺☀️🏝

  3. 100 Country Trek Avatar

    Such an amazing image 😍

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks so much, dear Anita ~ glad you like it! 😊

  4. Balle Avatar

    A dreamy picture 😍😍😍

    1. Phil Avatar

      You are sweet, dear Balle ~ thanks! 🤗

  5. Kally Avatar

    So breathtaking

    1. Phil Avatar

      So glad you like it, dear Kally ~ have a great day! 🤗🌹

  6. tiffanyarpdaleo Avatar

    Beautiful photo Phil, you captured it perfectly!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thank you, my sweet friend Tiffany! 😎🤗🙏🏻😊

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