Phil Perkins Photography

Forest Waterfall

Driving along Little River in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, I stopped to observe a small waterfall along the road. From the base of the falls, I looked up the mountain and could see white water through the foliage. So, I made my way uphill for some distance, following the creek, until I arrived at this scenic spot.

In addition to the natural beauty of the landscape, what caught my eye was a fallen tree which appeared to mimic the contours of the creek. You can enjoy my photography in your home or office when you select a print from my galleries at Pixels and/or ArtPal.

Check it out…


3 responses to “Forest Waterfall”

  1. Phil Avatar

    Thank you, my dear, and I wish for you the same! 🌹🤗

  2. Mây Bắc Mỹ Avatar

    Nice place for hiking

    1. Phil Avatar

      Yes, indeed. I’m glad you like it, Mây ~ thank you & Happy Easter 🙂

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