Phil Perkins Photography

Scenic Sunrise

This morning sunrise photograph was taken from a scenic overlook on the (new) Foothills Parkway near Wears Valley, Tennessee, featuring foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Prints and other items are available in my galleries, so stop by Pixels and/or ArtPal to have a look around. Have a great day!


21 responses to “Scenic Sunrise”

    1. Phil Avatar

      TY Filipa 🙏🏻😊

  1. Ranjana Avatar

    This is beautiful 😍

    1. Phil Avatar

      I’m so glad you like it, dear Ranjana ~ have a great week ahead! 🤗🌹

  2. Kristallina Avatar

    This is what a good morning looks like. Beautiful!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Yes, I think so too. The Foothills Parkway has several spots from where to enjoy the sunrise. Thanks for visiting, dear Kristallina ~ have a wonderful weekend! 🌞🌹

  3. Robin King Avatar

    Peaceful, so peaceful…beautiful morning sunrise!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Glad you like it, dear Robin ~ have a great weekend! 🤗🌹

  4. partyepartenze Avatar

    Beautiful start of the day! The colors are beautiful.

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks very much, dear Paola ~ have a beautiful day! 🤗🌹

  5. Phil Avatar

    Ja, we kunnen de zoete lekkernijen samen delen en allebei gelukkig zijn! 🍰🍬💖

  6. elvira797mx Avatar

    So beautiful, makes me feel peace. Thank’s for share Phil.

    1. Phil Avatar

      Yes, a very beautiful and peaceful place. Glad you like it, Elvira ~ have a great week! 🙏🏻😊

      1. elvira797mx Avatar

        Thanks Phil. Have a great week! Too.

  7. LightWriters Avatar


    1. Phil Avatar

      TY Susan 🙏🏻😊

  8. Cindy Georgakas Avatar
    1. Phil Avatar

      Thank you, Cindy 💖

      1. Cindy Georgakas Avatar

        You’re so welcome! 💖💖

      2. Cindy Georgakas Avatar

        Hi Phil,
        I just saw your last message about us night owls being up lol and poof it’s nowhere to be found. I must have accidentally erased it but it’s not in trash.. go figure. 💖😂😂😂

        1. Phil Avatar

          lol 🪄💫✨✨😉

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