Phil Perkins Photography

Road Trip

Rolling with four-wheels on an open road in search of adventure, up and around the bend. As Jerry Garcia noted, “What a long strange trip it’s been”. The next rest area is only one mile away, so why not find a spot to park and have a look at prints and/or other cool items in my gallery.

You can discover many great gift-giving ideas featuring my design, which is based on a free photograph from You might also enjoy a flashback to Alpine Valley, June 21-22, 1985…

Song for Today


7 responses to “Road Trip”

  1. Robin King Avatar

    NEAT!!!!! Someone’s got to buy this!! It’s so cool!! 👏👏👏

    1. Phil Avatar

      Yes, I was thinking the same thing, hahaha. Who doesn’t like a ‘road trip’ every now and again? Thanks for your kind words, dear Robin! 😇

    1. Phil Avatar

      Right on, dear Carolyn ~ so glad you like it & I wish for you a great week ahead! 🤗🌹

  2. tiffanyarpdaleo Avatar

    I’m loving it, thanks for sharing, Phil!!!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Right on, Tiffany ✌😎🎶🎵

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