Catawba Falls

Located east of Asheville in the Pisgah National Forest of North Carolina, Catawba Falls stands 100-feet tall and provides visitors with a picturesque waterfall to enjoy on a 2.5 mile out and back hike. It’s a popular area with both ample parking and restrooms.

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This short video was taken at the base of Catawba Falls, where the highest area of the falls isn’t visible. It’s really a beautiful area to visit with several points of interest…more on that later.


16 responses to “Catawba Falls”

  1. A much more pleasant sound than that of cars rushing by.

    1. Ah, yes indeed. Hello dear Michele! This was my 2nd visit to Catawba Falls, a beautiful area with many spots along the hike to enjoy. I visited the larger, lower falls (seen here), and then – somehow – managed to scale the mountain (everything was damp, and, where there were no rocks, the dirt was more like slippery clay), in order to see the upper falls, too. I’ll have a photo posted on that tomorrow. It’s probably the easiest waterfall to find – from the highway, one exit – but the 2.5 hour drive at 4 a.m. (to beat he sun) is a bit much. Thanks for stopping by, my friend. 🙂

      1. That is quite an adventure! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. My privilege, thank you, photographer Phil. 🌞

        1. You’re most welcome, lovely poetess Michele. 🌞🌹

  2. Nature hardly fails to amaze us….beautiful 🍂🍂🍂

  3. Stunning! If that video was any longer, it would be hypnotic! 😍

    1. haha Yes, I almost couldn’t leave the area with so much peace and beauty to enjoy! 😍 Have a great weekend, Tiffany! 😎

    1. Thank you, Saania 😊

  4. Lovely as always Phil 🙂

    1. Thanks very much, dear Hannah 🙂

  5. Beautiful….. Beautiful….. Beautiful……

    1. You are sweet, Balle ~ TY 🤗🌹

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