Laurel Falls

Located in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and standing 80-feet tall, in two sections, Laurel Falls is a very popular tourist destination. Just down the road from the Sugarlands Visitor Center, near Gatlinburg, it’s a 1.3 mile hike uphill along a partially paved trail. You can enjoy a print of my photography, if you choose, when you visit my galleries at Pixels and/or Redbubble. Thanks very much!

8 responses to “Laurel Falls”

  1. Wonderful capture Phil.

    1. Thank you dear 🤗

  2. Wonderful work! Have a great weekend dear Phil!

    1. Dank je, mijn vriend, en ik waardeer je leuke e-mail ook. Fijn weekend lieve Inge.

      1. Bedankt om me zo snel te beantwoorden! Dat is heel lief van jou en zeer gewaardeerd! 🌹😊

        1. Graag gedaan, lieverd! Ik was blij om je bericht te ontvangen en geniet van een gesprek met je! Aarzel niet om hallo te zeggen wanneer je maar wilt, oké? Bedankt 🌹😊

  3. This really is an incredible capture, love it!😍

    1. Thanks so much, my dear friend Tiffany ~ much appreciated 🙏😊

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