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Rope Swing

Standing 18-feet tall and spanning the width of Crooked Fork Creek, a tributary to Emory River on the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee, Upper Potter’s Falls has a rope swing which is popular during summer months among local youth. These photographs were taken yesterday, following several days of heavy rain, so the rope swing was not in use.

To more fully appreciate the volume of water present, I’ve provided the following photograph of the same waterfall, taken in July 2020. Note: herein, I’ve edited (erased) the rope swing –


You can visit my galleries at Pixels or Fine Art America to purchase a variety of fine prints featuring my photography, including these two examples. Select from framed, canvas, art, metal, poster, wood, acrylic and tapestry. Framed prints may be customized to suit your interests, and other items are also available. Thanks for stopping by!



19 responses to “Rope Swing”

  1. Rope Swing — Perkins Designs – TYT Avatar

    […] Rope Swing — Perkins Designs […]

  2. Kym Gordon Moore Avatar

    WOW, my goodness. I suppose this is more water than usual in order to have a rope swing on that limb. The rushing of that water makes you feel small in comparison, and I give mad respect to mother nature! Thanks for sharing this Phil!!! 😮🌅🌊🏞💖📷

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks, Kym. Indeed, this volume of water would spell big trouble for anyone in the river – except for an old man cautiously wading between rocks near the shore, searching for a better view. 📷😂 Have a great week, my friend! 🤗🌹

      1. Kym Gordon Moore Avatar

        LMBO 🤣😅😂😆😁, Now, I wonder who this “so-called” old man is??? 🤔 Forever young Phil…forever young!!! 😎

        1. Phil Avatar
  3. Annabel Avatar

    This is truly spellbinding and extraordinary, Phil! 🌸🎊 Earth holds such sublime beauty most of us rarely see. Thank You for sharing the photos and video! It must have been quite an undertaking to capture such earthy divinity…🤩

    1. Phil Avatar

      So glad you enjoyed the photographs and video, dear Annabel. 🤗🌸 The water was wonderful to record, with much power and sound! Wishing you a great week ahead. 😍

      1. Annabel Avatar

        Thank you for sharing with us, Phil!💕 I am getting jealous of you being in such a transcendent world almost every day🤩🥂

        1. Phil Avatar

          I’m always happy to share it with you, Annabel!💕🥂✨

          1. Annabel Avatar
  4. Vanya Wryter Consulting Avatar

    Wow that’s a lot of water! I wouldn’t want to be swept away by that volume.

    1. Phil Avatar

      Yes, it certainly would be difficult to escape such forceful currents. Wishing you a wonderful day, my friend. 🤗🌹

  5. Michele Lee Avatar

    Wow! That is raging! From scenic to fierce. Watch your step.

    1. Phil Avatar

      No doubt about it, some serious power at play and in stark contrast to my previous, otherwise peaceful visit. It’s nice to see you in my neck of the woods, your visit of which buoys my spirits as I greet the day! Thank you, lovely desert rose. 🌞🌹

      1. Michele Lee Avatar

        Serious contrast, yes! Mother nature is a force! Thank you. Have a wonderful week. 🌞

  6. Inge David Avatar

    Wonderful work and place! 👌👍🌹

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thank you, dear Inge ~ I always appreciate your kind words! 🌹🌹

  7. tiffanyarpdaleo Avatar

    You find the most incredible places, Phil! Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Phil Avatar

      It’s my pleasure, Tiffany! 😎 I’m glad you like it! 😍

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