Paine Creek Waterfall

This waterfall along Paine Creek is an obscure, though beautiful, sight for hikers to enjoy. It’s located on the Cumberland Plateau in Dayton, Tennessee, along an offshoot path from the Laurel-Snow Trail, which parallels Richland Creek. You’ll climb uphill, over structural remnants from historic mining operations, along rock faces, down to Paine Creek and then back up again, and traverse a 2-foot wide mountainside pathway, ending with a descent into the creek bed of an upper gorge. Interestingly, during periods of average water volume, the creek disappears entirely under a rock ledge, drains into a mineshaft underfoot (under rock), and flows back out as another smaller waterfall downstream. If you might like a print, then visit my gallery at Fine Art America to select the print type which best suits your interests. Thanks, and enjoy the great outdoors!


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