Reblog & Link but Don’t Copy


Reblogging is a common function built into WordPress, used to both share content as well as to increase traffic by displaying interesting posts for ones viewing audience.

Some WordPress site owners choose to discourage other users from sharing their posts, however, by visiting Tools > Marketing > and unchecking the “Show reblog button” option. While this broadly prevents reblogging, at present it is still possible for others to reblog content through The Reader, clicking the “Share” button and selecting their site.

With the growing prevalence of block patterns in use, though, reblogging can at times produce an unpredictable display, as some themes don’t yet adequately accommodate these new features.


Rather than reblogging, a user may instead choose to link to someones content. And, it’s easy to do so properly without copying the work (i.e., art, design or photography) of others.


Suppose that you wanted to link to my post on April 22, 2021 entitled, “A Lesson About Friendship“. You’ll need to include the following information –

  • the post link
  • the image address

The post link is displayed in the URL address bar:

To find the image address, use your mouse to right click on the posted image (here, my photograph of a horse) and select “Copy Image Address”:

Now, create a new post. Use the same or modified title (e.g., “A Lesson About Friendship” or “A Lesson About Friendship – Perkins Designs”) and add an image by typing “/image” (if using the Block Editor), or choosing the add image icon (if using the Classic Editor). Next, choose “Insert from URL”, and paste the image address. Doing so, you’ll see the horse photograph appear within your post only (not in your media library).

Lastly, add attribution by connecting the post link with the source text, such as: “Source – Perkins Designs“.

Hopefully, this practical information may prove to be useful. Thanks!

21 responses to “Reblog & Link but Don’t Copy”

  1. If I want to share someone’s post I only link and usually use a short link hyperlinked to the blog’s name for short description of content.

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