Drip Drip Drip

It’s not always possible to correctly anticipate when a waterfall is either flowing fully, or nearly dry. Without live stream cameras on site, one must consider recent weather reports citing rainfall, the time of season, and other personal accounts provided online. One such source of information is alltrails.com.

However, there are times – case in point – when photographs uploaded by park visitors were filmed at a much earlier point, absent notation. Having recently observed pictures indicative of substantial water present, I was certainly disappointed after a rather strenuous hike along a very rocky trail to discover scant water. Live and learn.

Nevertheless, an earlier visit to Foster Falls, and subsequent hikes to Lower & Upper Greeter Falls, the Stone Door, and Laurel Falls, each contributed to a fantastic day – and very sore muscles this morning!

This was my second visit to Denny Cove Falls, so I’ve included a video (below) from my earlier hike in March 2020 for contrast. I’ll also post more photographs from yesterday in the days ahead…


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