Phil Perkins Photography

Lower Piney Falls

Located on the Cumberland Plateau adjacent to Grandview, Tennessee, Lower Piney Falls is a scenic waterfall standing 40-feet tall. It’s a relatively short hike on well-maintained trails, and dogs (leashed) are welcomed. Parking is limited. No restrooms.

Midway along the trail is a clearing with two signs. Here, continue straight to visit Lower Piney Falls, as turning right leads to Upper Piney Falls. Hikers will discover that the trail ends at the top of the falls. The leading edge of the waterfall can be seen in the second photograph:

This can be discouraging, as one would hope to see the full height of the falls. But, after several visits and some persistence, I did discover a safe route into the gorge to enjoy this view:


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How to Enter the Gorge

From the top of the falls, walk upstream 100-150 feet and wade across Little Piney Creek where you see some rock ledges on the other side. Climb up the hillside to a safe distance, turning left to parallel the creek. Stay on a level path beyond the waterfall for a fair distance, until you’ve passed the tall cliffs of the gorge. There’s a relatively easy route down and then back along the rock wall, leading you to a rocky hill covered in ferns, at the base of the falls.


9 responses to “Lower Piney Falls”

  1. Gift Emmanuel Olaleye Avatar

    Wow! This looks beautiful!

  2. Michele Lee Avatar

    Dramatic waterfall. 😍 Lovely video. Looks so refreshing!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Good morning, my lovely friend. Yes, it’s a wonderful waterfall 😍 and only an hour away. I waded up to my knees to cross the creek, and the water was indeed cool and refreshing. I always appreciate you stopping by, Michele, and wish for you a fabulous Friday. 🤗

      1. Michele Lee Avatar

        How nice! Thank you. Happy Friday vibes to you. 😎🌅 Hope it’s a good one!

        1. Phil Avatar

          Thanks, Michele. 🙏

  3. Lower Piney Falls – TYT Avatar

    […] Lower Piney Falls […]

  4. travelling_han Avatar

    I love these photos, the waterfall looks perfect 🙂

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks so much, dear Hannah. This waterfall was a wonderful reward after a good hike – so beautiful. Have a great week ahead, my friend 🙂

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