Phil Perkins Photography

Hiking Margarette Falls

This small, unnamed waterfall is located in the Cherokee National Forest near Greeneville, Tennessee, along the trail to Margarette Falls.


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13 responses to “Hiking Margarette Falls”

  1. Indira Avatar

    Amazing nature! Beautiful pics and clip, Phil!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thank you, dear Indira 🙂

  2. House of Heart Avatar

    Beautiful meandering waters!

    1. Phil Avatar

      So glad you like it, dear Holly ~ have a great weekend 🤗🌹

      1. House of Heart Avatar

        Beautiful indeed. You too Phil, have a wonderful weekend 🌹🤗☀️

        1. Phil Avatar

          Thank you, my friend 😙🌺☀️

  3. Hiking Margarette Falls – TYT Avatar

    […] Hiking Margarette Falls […]

  4. Cindy Georgakas Avatar

    Breathtaking waterfall, Phil!!!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thank you so much, dear Cindy ~ it was truly a beautiful waterfall 😍

      1. Cindy Georgakas Avatar

        you’re so welcome Phil!! I can see that!💖

  5. BallesWorld Avatar

    A beautiful waterfall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Phil Avatar

      This trail follows “Dry Creek”, which has many small waterfalls and cascades to enjoy while hiking. Here, I had to do some careful climbing down into a small gorge to access the waterfall. Very scenic, indeed 👍

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