Poem In Response

After reading “Feathered Fans” by poetess Michele Lee Sefton from the Valley of the Sun, I was inspired to write this short poem in response…

In the nectar you prepare
and the kindness that you share,
your heart, dear Michele, is sweet.

Birds need the cool, clear water,
as temperatures grow hotter,
in Sonoran Desert heat.

© 2021 Phil Perkins

PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from unsplash.com.

13 responses to “Poem In Response”

  1. Oh Phil, what a sweet poem. ❤ Is this by chance a poem about our dear friend Michele Lee and her poem about her delightful hummingbirds? I love it and I think she would love it too! ❤ 🥰 💖 😍

  2. Your poem is much sweeter than the nectar I prepare! Those tiny feathered friends would surely appreciate the attention and poetic fanfare. 🎺 😁 Thank you happy pill photographer Phil! 👏🏼 😊

    • You’re most welcome Michele my belle, beautiful poetic storyteller extraordinaire ✍🏼🌲 Your rhyme is right on time 👏🏼😁 Sending happy vibes ✨ this Friday, my friend 🌞🌺 Thank you 🍀

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