Trip To Tremont

I recently visited the Tremont section of the Smoky Mountains, in Tennessee, featuring Lynn Camp Falls. It’s an easy hike of approximately one mile out and back, during which time I saw two horses and had a conversation with a bear.

The upper portion stands 20-feet tall, consisting of two levels, sending water crashing into the broad side of a gigantic slab of rock. Water is forced to the side, then sent 35-feet down the lower falls.

Conversation with a Bear

Well, actually a bear cub (probably a 2nd-year cub, noticeably larger than the three climbing bears I’d seen previously), and I did all the talking, haha. I was driving slowly on a gravel road with my window open soon before sunrise, when I saw a black bear cub on the edge of the road. I stopped 8-feet away, and began talking to the bear in a friendly tone – as if to a child, or unfamiliar dog with questions. The bear stepped back only 4-feet, putting a minor branch between us, and remained in place for approx. 15-seconds…not long, but enough time to make a memory.

The area is one of the gems in the Smoky Mountains!

11 responses to “Trip To Tremont”

    • Hi Michele ~ it’s always nice to see you, my beautiful friend & romance novelist❣️ Your latest work, Her Cottage by the Sea (continued), had my temperature elevated 😅😉 You’re spot on about the waterfall, too ~ so powerful, yet peaceful. One thing I always enjoy is the constant sound of rushing water echoing throughout the forest valleys when hiking. I also very much appreciate your visit and comments, and wish for you delightful days ahead 🌞😙🍀

      • Thank you, Phil my happy pill. So kind and supportive you are. 😊 Good thing you have access to plenty of cool water! 😆 How wonderful – that is a lovely sound. 🌊 Enjoy your week! 📷 🌄 🏊🏼‍♂️

        • You’re most welcome, Michele my belle. 🌞 Yes, cool water is good 😆 I hope to hike again later this week. 🤞 Until we meet again, may your creativity flow unbated ✍🏼🌲

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