Small Waterfall

Rock Island State Park

As part of the park system, this small waterfall was photographed downstream of Twin Falls, as the morning sun crested gorge walls. Picturesque at 20-feet tall, this would look great on a print in your home – or, to give as a gift.

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3 responses to “Small Waterfall”

  1. Really? You call that small??? It’s very beautiful, but not small!😍

  2. I was wondering about the “small,” too. Large or small, it’s extraordinarily beautiful. The amazing rocks in perfect shelves, the vegetation, and the graceful falls – exquisite. 👏👏👏

  3. Tiffany & Robin ~ I suppose you’re both correct, and only referred to it as a small waterfall as it has no other name, and also given it’s proximity to the larger 80-foot tall Twin Falls, nearby. It is indeed a beautiful waterfall, and I’m glad you both enjoy it 🙏😊

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