Mandala of Time

Intricate Mechanism

Enjoy this unusual mechanical design featuring an intricate mirror image of many vintage time pieces. If you have the time, please visit my shop at Pixels for great gifts.


8 responses to “Mandala of Time”

    1. Thanks, Filipa ~ glad you like it 😊🌹

  1. Awesome image of a collection of the intricate internal mechanisms of timeless time pieces Phil! 🕰⏱⏰

    1. Glad you like it, Kym ~ your comment was right on time 🕰😂 Have a nice day, my dear 🤗

      1. LMBO…right on “time” indeed Phil. Have a fantabulous day sweetie! ⏳😁

        1. Thanks Kym ~ you too, my dear 😙

  2. Fantastic! I really like this one, Phil! 😍😍😍

    1. I agree 😍 and thank you, my friend Tiffany 👍

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