Abstract Blue Cluster

Macro Cellular View

This contemporary abstract digital artwork resembles a magnified view of a cellular cluster. Or, perhaps a grouping of bubbles. Who knows, it could be anything. What’s most important is that you like it – see more in these shops:

Redbubble, Pixels


11 responses to “Abstract Blue Cluster”

    1. So glad you like it ~ thanks & have a nice day 😊🌹

  1. I love it! Great work Phil! 💙👌🏻

    1. Thanks so much, Filipa ~ I’m glad you like it & wish you a wonderful day 😊🌹

  2. It looks like a cell cluster! Very “medical” …

    1. Cool, glad you like it my friend Paola ~ thanks 😊🌹

    1. Right on, thanks Tiffany 😎

  3. Awesome design 👍😁

    1. Thanks very much, Eva ~ glad you like it 😊

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