Blue Hole Falls

Following my early morning hike to Laurel Falls, in Hampton, Tennessee, I next drove to another nearby waterfall called Blue Hole Falls, located near the town of Elizabethton.

After a very short hike from the parking area, I found myself near the top of a series of picturesque small waterfalls. Descending along a path of rocks and wooden manmade steps, and with some minor climbing, I reached what appeared to be the base.


Each of these photographs (and more) are available as prints in my gallery at Pixels – select from framed, canvas, art, poster, metal, wood, acrylic and tapestry. Also, framed prints may be customized.

Add decoration to an empty wall in your home, office, business lobby, or school cafeteria…wherever you want to enjoy the beauty of nature!

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14 responses to “Blue Hole Falls”

  1. Offshorewriter Avatar

    How beautiful!! You are lucky to witness all these nature’s beauty ❤️❤️ Thanks for sharing this Mr. Phil 🤝

    1. Phil Avatar

      It’s my pleasure, dear Preethes. Indeed, the area does have an abundance of natural beauty & I’m glad you like it. Have a nice day, my friend 😊🌹

  2. Filarance Avatar

    Wow, Mr. Phil!! ❤ I’ve never seen falls like these. Amazing! 😊

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thank you, dear Filarance ~ glad you like the waterfalls & have a pleasant weekend 😊

      1. Filarance Avatar

        Most welcome friend. It’s my pleasure. Have a happy weekend 😊

  3. Klausbernd Avatar

    Thanks for sharing your waterfall pictures – we really like. Keep well.

    1. Phil Avatar

      Glad you like it, The Fab Four of Cley – thanks 👍

  4. Kym Gordon Moore Avatar

    Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful and tranquil that it almost doesn’t look real. Great shots Phil! 📸

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks so much, dear Kym ~ it was a wonderful waterfalls, and the proximity to the parking area was just right as an easy 2nd hike for the day. Wishing you a great week ahead, my friend 😊🌹

      1. Kym Gordon Moore Avatar

        Oh you’re very welcome Phil. Continue to discover and snap away! You have a great eye! 😉🕶🤗 Have an awesome filled week yourself! 🥰

        1. Phil Avatar

          Thank you, Kym 😘

          1. Kym Gordon Moore Avatar

            My pleasure! 😉

  5. tiffanyarpdaleo Avatar

    Wow, what an incredible spot, thanks for sharing it with us, Phil!😍

    1. Phil Avatar

      My pleasure, Tiffany ~ it really was an incredible spot 😍 Have a great day, my dear friend 🙏😊

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