Matchbooks Collage

International Souvenirs

This colorful graphic design features a collage of matchbooks collected over time from American and European hotels and restaurants. Each matchbook was photographed individually, then painstakingly cropped, resized and organized, herein.

Find great products with my collage in these shops:

Redbubble, ArtFlakes & Pixels


6 responses to “Matchbooks Collage”

  1. very cool Phil❣️ my dad worked for Diamond Match Company and has many souvenirs❣️

    1. Ah, very cool dear Cindy ~ I’ve always enjoyed the collection, and thank you for the comment. Have a wonderful week ahead, my friend 😊🤗💖

      1. you have some great memories and shots…. you’re welcome and thank you…… enjoying clicking

        1. Thank you, Cindy 😘

  2. Beautiful collage, very original and colorful.

    1. Thank you, dear Paola ~ glad you like it 😊🌹

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