Lessons From The Trail

Spatial Awareness

We walk alone in fields, pass through doorways, stand in crowded elevators and wait in lines. Point being – we’re all familiar with our own presence and girth, in a variety of different settings, and generally don’t give it a second thought. However, to stay safe when hiking, some situations mandate a heightened sense of awareness.

In order to get the shot I want when photographing waterfalls, for instance, I sometimes access areas which are inherently dangerous – such as narrow, elevated ledges. Of course, I don’t do so haphazardly – I first closely observe the environment, width, footing, stable handholds within reach, etc.. Perhaps most important, though, is that I remind myself I’m wearing a backpack!

Few scenarios are more startling than attempting to turn around on a ledge, only to have the added bulk of ones backpack bump into a rock face or trees – creating an unbalanced sensation of being pushed forward. It’s difficult to regain ones composure in close spaces when balance is compromised – understand the space you occupy.


6 responses to “Lessons From The Trail”

  1. I get it Phil. Sometimes the best shots are from the most inconvenient angles. 📸 But be careful 😯

    1. Always, my dear 😙 Everything I do is manageable and undertaken methodologically – and, I often turn around and walk away if deemed too risky…I’m very careful. Wishing you a splendid week ahead, my friend Kym 🌹

      1. Thanks so much Phil and have a fantabulous week too! Cheers! 🥂🍻🍹

        1. Thank you, Kym ~ Cheers 😊🌹

  2. Phil, I’m glad you study your environment and remain aware of it. And the advice to “understand the space you occupy” is brilliant, applicable to our entire lives, I think. 👏👏♥️👏👏

    1. Thank you, dear Robin ~ I’m always patient and careful. Have a wonderful week ahead, my friend 😊🌹

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