Hermosa Beach Pier

Graphic design of Hermosa Beach, California

Pacific Ocean

Enjoy this stylized vintage photograph taken under the pier at Hermosa Beach, California. I’ve added it to my online shops at Pixels and Redbubble – check it out…

23 responses to “Hermosa Beach Pier”

    • I enjoyed my visit 💖 and also think Arizona is wonderful. I lived in Scottsdale, once, and my brother has been there since the late-80’s. Thank you for your comment, my lovely friend ~ have a splendid day 🌞🌹

        • Beach = 💖 The AZ summer heat is something, indeed. Everyone touts the ‘dry heat’ – which is true, but at 110 degrees, hot is hot 😂 I recall nice trips north in the summer, to Sedona & Flagstaff & also boating on a lake, though I don’t remember the name. Its’ a beautiful state, indeed 😁

          • The beach, yes! 110… 115… 120! 🥵 A dry heat, yes, but ridiculous is what that is. Sedona and Flag are very nice, and the Grand Canyon, of course. Many lakes here, which helps. 😃

          • Soooo hot, like a sauna or oven 😂 I just spoke to my brother and asked – he thinks it may have been Saguaro Lake that we visited (tubing, waterskiing). There’s so many nice places to see in Arizona, a great state! I wish you a pleasant evening, my friend Michele 😊

          • I am quite familiar with that lake. I have skied around that lake countless times. That lake and others in the east valley. It has been a few years since I have done that. Good times!

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