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The Alphabet Game

I recently visited the web site of a friend, where I enjoyed her writings about different letters of the alphabet, and was reminded of a game I used to play many years ago – The Alphabet Game. It’s an easy and fun game to play with two or more people…

How To Play

The first person starts the game by saying a word that begins with the letter “A” – such as, Always. The next person restates the word beginning with the letter “A” & adds another word, this time beginning with the letter “B” – such as, Always, Beautiful. Any word can be selected, including names. So, the next person might say – Always, Beautiful, Carla. The words chosen can be completely random, or players may seek to form sentences, as in the following example:

Always Beautiful Carla Delights Every Friend, Granting Herself Inner Joy. Kind, Loving Mother Nurturing Offspring Perpetuates Quality. Reading, She Thoroughly Understands Voluminous Wordsmanship. Xenial Youthful Zeal.

Note: as per my experience, having played this game, one may unexpectedly recall the list of words used, several days later 😂🤪

P.S.: if you visit Carla’s web site, please say “Hello” from Phil. Thanks!

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6 responses to “The Alphabet Game”

  1. Jacob Avatar

    That’s a nice one. I remember this game! It’s all good fun until you get to X 🤣

    1. Phil Avatar

      Yes, indeed 👍

  2. Robin King Avatar

    Haa! Never played that but it sounds like fun. Yes, X must have been a tough – the only one I thought of was Xerxes! I like that image a lot. 😁

    1. Phil Avatar

      Good one, Robin 👍 Yes, X can be tough, but not as difficult as forgetting the memorized list. I was saying it, intact, sometimes 3-4 days later 😂😂

  3. partyepartenze Avatar

    Nice picture and fun game!

    1. Phil Avatar

      A fun game, indeed ~ thanks 😎

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