Another Waterfall

Enjoy The Great Outdoors

On Bruce Creek

in Caryville, TN

Beyond Triple Falls is a bridge leading up the mountain, to Devil’s Racetrack. However, if instead you elect to follow the river for approx. 1/2 mile, you’ll come upon this scenic, unnamed waterfall, as I did.


8 responses to “Another Waterfall”

  1. Magical Phil, beauty. 🤩

    1. Thanks, dear Amber 😊🌹 It was a pleasant surprise to discover a new waterfall at a place I’d already hiked a few times, just a short distance further up the creek.

    1. I thank you, my friend & wish you a wonderful weekend, dear Tiffany 😊🌹

  2. Whoa. LOVE this! Natural architecture!

    1. Yes, I was pleased to discover this waterfall at a place I’d already been – this time, further upstream 😊🌹

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