Historic Train Trestle

Dayton, Tennesse

This black and white photograph was taken while hiking the Laurel-Snow Trail To Laurel Falls, and features an old railroad bridge over Richland Creek which was used for mining over 100 years ago.

Prints available.


14 responses to “Historic Train Trestle”

  1. That’s interesting!!

    1. Thanks, Khushi ~ glad you like it 🙂 From the old mining very long ago, there are several mine shafts and other structural remnants strewn about the trail…an interesting area, indeed.

  2. Nice pic! Very nice this piece of history in the woods. Really interesting!

    1. Glad you like it ~ the area is rich with history and natural beauty, including up to 12 miles of trails. One of my favorite places 🙂

  3. Intriguing!

      1. Very welcome. 🌹

        1. Amber, nice to see you 🙂 I wondered where you had gone…a new site, congratulations!!!

          1. Glad to see you too Phil. You know my friend, it was torment, the process I have been through with WordPress can be seen as torment behind the scenes.. watching my friend’s grow their blogs around me and staying stagnant was tormenting me and bringing up emotions that were not productive. I wiped it. Fresh start. It will be another challenge, but I will bounce back and get to where I was ageing one day soon. Thanks for all your support, your message last night encouraged me. God bless you. With love, your friend. ♥️🙏

            1. I’m so glad to see you’ve found an effective means in which to move forward with your site, unencumbered with what were clearly unfair censorship practices by WordPress. More power to you, my dear friend Amber ~ keep up the good work ♥️🙏

    1. Thanks, Anita ~ glad you like it 🙂

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