Mysterious Sphere

Tales of A Time Traveller

I set down on a mid-sized planet in the Alpha Centauri system, with dwindling fuel reserves and only enough water to sustain me for a few days.

In the distance, my objective – the Sphere of Trevallon, an encased repository of ancient, inter galactic data. It also has 24-hour food service, Tang drinks, and an air hockey table, I’m told.

Now, if I could only get beyond this sea of corrosive, deadly acid…

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4 responses to “Mysterious Sphere”

  1. This is the imagery of my home planet. 😂 Such a beautiful landscape Phil. 🌹

    1. Well, you have a lovely home 😂 I’m so glad you like it, my dear Amber 🌹😊

  2. beautiful lunar landscape. Very suggestive.

    1. Thank you, my friend. I think that this fantasy landscape turned out well ~ glad you like it 👍

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