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An Aspiring Writer

Do You Speak Portuguese? I don’t, but I have a friend from Portugal who is an aspiring writer with a Google Translate button in the sidebar – she is Carla Milho.

I encourage you to visit her site and follow her work! She’s an honest, truthful person who writes from the heart with sincerity and passion, following her dreams through engaging, life-experience discussions of ambition and goal-setting, an appeal to self-improvement, cautious tales of deleterious external influences, the value of family and friendships & other points of interest.

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3 responses to “An Aspiring Writer”

  1. Carla Avatar

    Thank you from my heart, my dear friend Phil 🌹🤗❤️❤️

    1. Phil Avatar

      You’re most welcome, my dear friend Carla 🤗🌹 I enjoy your writing and wish you all the best ~ keep up the good work 👍

      1. Carla Avatar

        I promise that I will… 🙏💐Thank you 🌹🤗

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