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Return To Rock Island State Park

Located near Spencer, Tennessee, the Rock Island State Park has 883-acres along the Caney Fork, Collins and Rocky Rivers. It also features the rugged beauty of an expansive Caney Fork Gorge.

On my first visit to the park, I learned that, in order to access the base of Great Falls, a 30-foot horseshoe cascading waterfall, one should expect to get wet. Most folks in the gorge on the south side of the Caney Fork River near the waterfall are there to swim in a large plunge pool, sporting water shoes and swim attire. Keeping dry can be difficult and entails carefully navigating a very slippery, narrow and moss-covered non-flat surface.

Recalling my previous experience, I decided that, this time, I’d attempt to access the area via a trail originating from across the river, near the Twin Falls parking area. There were several signs along the way stating, ‘No Access Above Falls’, indicating that I was probably headed in the right direction. Beyond a pond and across a forested hillside, I was able to traverse a series of rocks in the river, which led me to the base of the waterfalls – and, I stayed dry!

Photographs 1 & 2 were taken looking back at the trail which I had hiked moments earlier.


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7 responses to “Return To Rock Island State Park”

  1. francisashis Avatar

    Oh my God,How beautiful is this Earth,how great are the works of the Lord!Thank you very much for sharing .Take care.👍🙏

  2. tiffanyarpdaleo Avatar

    It’s hard to believe this is in Tennessee and not a tropical island, gorgeous!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks, Tiffany ~ I thought the same thing, like I was in a rainforest 🙂

  3. BallesWorld Avatar

    Dear Phil, your photos are always very, very beautiful!!!!!!!!!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thank you for your kind words, my friend Balle 🤗

  4. Inge David Avatar

    Beautiful capture!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Dankjewel lieve Inge ~ zeer gewaardeerd 🤗🌹

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