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Catawba Falls

Located near Old Fort, North Carolina, only 26 miles east of Asheville, the 100-foot tall Catawba Falls highlights the scenic beauty of the Pisgah National Forest. Following a well maintained trail along a mossy riverbed on the Catawba River, the sounds of rushing water over many small cascades accompany visitors on this slightly uphill, family-friendly 2.5 mile out and back hike.

This is a popular tourist destination with a large parking lot, restrooms and an informational placard at the trailhead. Accordingly, visitors should plan upon an early arrival if wishing to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, absent crowds – mine was the second car parked onsite, though an estimated 80 vehicles were observed at the time of my departure.

Under a shaded forest canopy, hikers will cross the river on two footbridges and encounter remnants of an early 1900’s hydroelectric dam…

There are also several interesting side trails leading to picturesque spots aside Catawba River…


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Lower Catawba Falls

If you’d like to extend your hiking adventure by undertaking a strenuous and difficult climb, another 1/2 mile trek leads to the beautiful Upper Catawba Falls. Warning: this is potentially a dangerous area if you’re not skilled at climbing rocks and steep mountainsides, and hikers must ascend a 25-foot rock face using a secured rope for assistance. Here are a few photographs along the trail…

Upper Catawba Falls

The sound of falling water continued to intensify, until, finally, I could see Upper Catawba Falls through the trees! Standing approx. 60-feet tall, this isolated, picturesque waterfall features a broad plunge pool with large rocks scattered to the side, useful as seating. With a snack and water, I enjoyed the sights & sounds of this setting, uninterrupted over the course of my 45-minute stay.

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18 responses to “Catawba Falls”

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks – glad you like it!

  1. Amit Kumar Avatar

    Very beautiful post! and very beautiful pics!!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks, Amit – glad you like it!

  2. Michael Hardy - Author at Thumbwind Avatar

    Very well done. Do you use a plug-in for the Google Map?

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks, Michael – glad you like it! For the map: I input a given location into, click Share, click Embed, select a Size & click Copy HTML. Then, in my WordPress post, I insert a “Custom HTML” block and paste the aforementioned code therein.

  3. thegenxtravels Avatar

    Very nice! Almost went here a couple years back, feel like I really missed out! Next time I’m in that area I definitely have to go!!

    1. Phil Avatar

      I was really pleased with the area! My first time there, leaving at 4:45 am on a 2.5 hour drive was a good call, to arrive early. I did the lower & upper falls before it got busy, then enjoyed the largely unused side trails along Catawba River on my return. 👍

  4. BallesWorld Avatar
    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks, Balle ~ glad you like it 🙂

  5. tiffanyarpdaleo Avatar

    Wow, Phil, you always find the coolest places, this is amazing! My mom used to live near there, now I wished I had explored the area more when I had the chance!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks, Tiffany 🙂 It really was a nice place. I’d been looking forward to it, and finally – with good weather forecast – made the trek 👍

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks – glad you like it!

      1. Bacardi Gold Avatar

        It’s my pleasure – Stay safe !

  6. francisashis Avatar

    Really very beautiful place to spend time in the nature.Your photography certainly gets the credit of making it truly beautiful.Thank you very much for sharing.Take care.🌹👍🙏

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thank you, Francis – glad you like it!

      1. francisashis Avatar

        Most welcome.🌹👍🙏

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