Second Falls

Located along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Pisgah National Forest of North Carolina, Second Falls is one of two waterfalls which can be enjoyed while hiking the Graveyard Fields Trail.

If possible, arrive early – this is a popular area which can become quite crowded with overflow parking along the street. Information placards include a map of the trail – study this closely, as a mix of trail spurs can become confusing – and, restrooms are available. Also, dogs are welcome on this trail but must be kept on a leash.

Hikers should come prepared with ample water, and expect to encounter mud on the trails. While it goes without saying that rocks can be slippery, so too are wooden steps and boardwalks – exercise caution. In summary, I really enjoyed my hike on this trail!

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By Phil

I'm a photographer & self-taught graphic artist with a penchant for all things creative, featuring an eclectic collection of unusually imaginative designs available through various print-on-demand galleries. Enjoy a look around my portfolio, categories and blog, and also follow me on Twitter for more updates - thanks!


  1. Wow, there are some very beautiful images there.
    I love the images of overlooking the mountain ranges, the one with the golden feel and the two underneath.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Louis – glad you like it! This was my first visit to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and I’m certainly hoping to make it back again to enjoy these views!

        1. It was my first visit to the area and I was certainly impressed with the wonderful views! I hope to return again, sometime this autumn would be nice.

  2. We were strongly considering buying a house in Hendersonville, but when the realtor told us to beware of copperheads when exploring one of the yards, we reconsidered. Do you see them there?

    1. I personally have not, though I’ve heard people from different places discuss encounters. On the other hand, I’ve seen bears on a few occasions.

      1. Oh~that is exciting. I used to see bears when I lived in northern Ca. They can be unpredictable.

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