Falling Water Falls

Heading home from Georgia, I traveled northwest of Chattanooga, Tennessee, to visit the 110-foot waterfall called Falling Water Falls.

I found a parking spot – one of six available – as I arrived, and was soon at the overlook above the falls. It’s a very short hike along Little Falling Water Creek, on top of the Cumberland Escarpment, and the view is expansive! It is, however, difficult to see the waterfall except by looking down over the edge – probably a great location for photography using a drone.


I asked two local hikers (Logan, Austin) about access to the base of the falls, though quickly decided against climbing down a rope affixed to the side of a cliff.



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6 responses to “Falling Water Falls”

  1. Miishuangmu Avatar

    Love the perspective of the waterfall photo that shoot from the top.

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks – glad you like it!

  2. louiseaprimeau Avatar
    1. Phil Avatar

      Yes, wonderful views 👍

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