Conasauga Falls

I recently had the opportunity to visit Conasauga Falls, a scenic waterfall located in Tellico Plains, Tennessee. At a distance of 1.3 miles out and back, the trail is rated as moderately difficult with a change in elevation of approx. 400-feet.

The trail has two switchbacks and no level stretches – it’s either all downhill, or uphill on the return. During my visit the creek was full, thereby reducing availability of access to other areas. However, if you wish to proceed downstream along the hillside, there is a minor path but it’s steep and very slippery – use caution!

The 3 mile road to the falls is a combination of paved and gravel, with areas where the pavement has deteriorated, and also deep potholes where the gravel begins. It’s not a major problem, but certainly good advice to drive slowly & steer clear of the hazards.

You can also read about my first visit to Conasauga Falls, last year.

Conasauga Falls

The trail is well kept and easy walking, except toward the bottom where some careful navigation over/around rocks is necessary. Steps finish the trail, leading hikers to the primary viewing area.


Beyond Conasauga Falls and along a muddy embankment, I cautiously found my way to a lower elevation around a slight bend in the creek. I was greeted by the morning sun cresting over the highpoint of the Cherokee National Forest, casting a golden-green reflection from hillside foliage across the shallow water. What a sight!



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4 responses to “Conasauga Falls”

  1. What a breathtaking place to visit!
    I can’t imagine how it would be driving on the half tar-half gravel road and it seems like the hiking can push one to its limits, but – hey – what a view!

    Thank you for sharing. The photos are amazing! I can almost hear the water cascading 🙂

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