Phil Perkins Photography

Days of The Week Clock

With a built-in hook on the back for easy hanging, this wall clock features an infinite days of the week design and would be a great addition to your home or office! Select between a bamboo wood frame with natural finish, or painted black or white. Hand colors include black, white, red and aqua. Batteries not included. Enjoy!


8 responses to “Days of The Week Clock”

  1. Roadtirement Avatar

    That is a very active design!

  2. realmontecristo Avatar

    Wow, where could I get a clock like that? Great post! By the way please join my blog too, if you find it interesting – let’s grow together!😊

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks, glad you like it!

      These clocks are available through my shop at Redbubble

  3. morishige Avatar

    Cool clock! 🙂

  4. tiffanyarpdaleo Avatar

    So awesome, I’ve never seen anything like this!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks, Tiffany ~ I too am please with this design. Glad you like it 🙂

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