Phil Perkins Photography

Lower Piney Falls

Lower Piney Falls stands 40′ tall, and, from the top, has a nice view of a high-walled gorge. There isn’t, unfortunately, access to the base of the falls. Located on the Cumberland Plateau near Grandview, Tennessee, it’s one of two waterfalls that visitors can enjoy – see Upper Piney Falls. Trails are well kept and relatively easy, great for families and/or dogs. Generally, a quiet spot.


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The following photographs of Lower Piney Falls were taken the day after a heavy rainfall…


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5 responses to “Lower Piney Falls”

  1. Elaine Avatar

    Great photographs Phil, I promise I won’t copy anymore 🙂

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks, Elaine 🙂 You might enjoy this very useful & free photography resource for waterfalls – They have some inspiring images from which I’m sure you can create terrific paintings!

      1. Elaine Avatar

        WoW there are some beautiful photographs on that site, thanks Phil much appreciated.

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