Southeast Tennessee Road Trip

The state of Tennessee has many wonderful areas in nature to explore, and I’m usually well-prepared for such adventures – proper clothing and gear, food and water, review of weather conditions, directions, well-rested, etc.. However, it’s not possible to plan for every contingency, as I recently discovered.

Traveling to Farner, Tennessee, my destination was Turtletown Falls. Though the small town lacked clear signage, I happened upon a Postal Carrier who provided me with helpful directions:

Across from the small Post Office, you’ll see an old school that’s closed. Take that road for a few miles until you see a brown sign with an arrow pointing left. Turn there to get to Turtletown Falls.

After turning left, I drove for a mile or two, though was stymied by a one-foot deep stream across the dirt road. In a compact rental vehicle at the time, I wasn’t interested in getting stuck or stalling-out in the middle of nowhere. So, I reluctantly turned around and drove away; alas, no Turtletown Falls.

How About Bald River Falls?

Backtracking, I decided to visit Bald River Falls, a 90-foot falls which feeds into the Tellico River. Along the drive I photographed this interesting covered bridge:

Bald River Falls

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Enjoy The Great Outdoors!!!


6 responses to “Southeast Tennessee Road Trip”

  1. I usually feel that there is no such thing as a bad waterfall picture, but yours are superb. The pictures make me want to go there. Thanks.

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