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Waterfalls In Kentucky

I recently enjoyed a road trip to Kentucky with a friend and her energetic yellow Labrador Retriever. We visited both Eagle Falls & Cumberland Falls following a substantial rain, with high water colored brown from surface materials swept downstream. Between clouds, sunlight also streamed through heavy mist providing a sustained rainbow over the plunge pool.

Stopping first at the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, we had a sneak peak of the “Niagara of The South” – Cumberland Falls, which stands 60-feet tall by 125-feet wide. With adjoining counties having issued flood warning advisories, the Cumberland River was flowing fast and loudly:

Eagle Falls

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Hiking 3 miles out-and-back, the Eagle Falls Trail was slippery with wet leaves and mud, but the views were impressive. Here are a few photographs from our hike, including a view of Cumberland Falls:

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Cumberland Falls

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Renown as the only location in the western hemisphere to have a “Moonbow”, the park provides ample parking, restrooms, visitor center, gift shop, local music and, most important of all, wonderful scenic overlooks. Here are a few examples:

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    1. Phil Avatar

      Yes ~ it really is a beautiful area for both hiking & sight seeing 🙂

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