Benton Falls In Tennessee

I recently visited Benton Falls in the Chilhowee Recreation Area of the Cherokee National Forest, located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of southeastern Tennessee.

Note: If traveling on 1-75, I’d recommend access to the falls via US Highway 64, rather than Benton Springs Road – which is a shorter distance, though better suited for four-wheel drive vehicles, or mules.

From US Highway 64, driving seven miles north on Oswald Road affords visitors the opportunity to enjoy several separate scenic overlooks:

The Park

There’s a $3 admission to the park, payable at various posted areas; seal your money in the provided envelope, remove the adjoining stub to hang from your vehicle-mirror, and deposit funds in the designated repository.

The 1.5 mile trail to Benton Falls is an easy hike through the forest along a generally flat surface of mostly hard-packed sand, and passes by McCamy Lake:

Benton Falls

The two photographs below appear similar. However, the first example uses burst shooting, stacking 20 photographs onto one another, while the second image is a single shot with a longer exposure. This difference affects how the water is presented:

a steep descent of water from a height; a cascade.


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