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Emory Gap Falls At Frozen Head

I recently visited Emory Gap Falls, a 20′ waterfall located at Frozen Head State Park near Wartburg, Tennessee, enjoying a pleasant autumn afternoon along my three-mile (roundtrip) hike. The trail also passed by a waterfall known as Debord Falls – more on that another time.

The trailhead is located at the end of the park, where the road stops at a parking area. It’s a half-mile hike to Debord Falls, and another one-mile until you’ll reach Emory Gap Falls. Initially, the trail is wide with good footing and limited changes in elevation. Follow the signs, and don’t cross the bridge –

The trail follows two streams – Panther Branch & Emory Gap Branch. At one point, it changes direction, leading up hill and away from the water. While this seems counter intuitive, hikers should follow the signs to stay on track –

Here are a few images which I photographed while hiking along the trail –

The trail eventually rejoined the stream, sounds of which grew louder as I approached the waterfall. As seen below, my first views of Emory Gap Falls

Emory Gap Falls


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8 responses to “Emory Gap Falls At Frozen Head”

  1. Elaine Avatar

    Great photographs Phil, it’s funny I was thinking about the sound the water would be making and then I heard it in your video, thanks for sharing 😊

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks, Elaine – glad you like it! This was my first hike to Emory Gap Falls, and, I agree – the sound of falling water is wonderful, especially with the surrounding rocks serving as an amphitheater, of sorts 🙂

  2. BallesWorld Avatar

    As always 😊 very nice pictures 😍

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks, Balle ~ glad you like it!

  3. tiffanyarpdaleo Avatar

    It is so beautiful there, thank you for sharing these images and the video, it’s almost like being there!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks, Tiffany ~ glad you like it 🙂 It really was a nice place to visit!

  4. Robin King Avatar
    Robin King

    Absolutely exquisite!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Yes, it really was a wonderful area to visit 🙂

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