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Meigs Falls Near The Little River

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Located outside of Townsend, Tennessee, near the Little River between Cades Cove and the Sugarlands Visitor Center, it’s easy to miss Meigs Falls. Set back from Little River Gorge Road approximately 100 yards, this 20-foot waterfall is only visible from a pull-off area.

There are no trails to Meigs Falls – unless you’re willing to get wet. In order to get close, hikers must wade across the Little River, which, for most of the year, has swift currents and can be dangerous. However, given a reduced volume of water flowing in the river during the autumn season, I was able to safely navigate slippery surfaces to visit the waterfall. Tip: wear your shoes in the water & use a walking-stick for stability.

These photographs – from March 2019 – depict unsafe wading conditions:


I recently shot these photographs at Meigs Falls. You may visit my galleries at Pixels and/or Fine Art America to purchase prints and/or other items available.

Footnote: There are actually three successive waterfalls, albeit much smaller, above Meigs Falls. To access these areas, hikers must first ascend a very steep 50-foot hill, in order to then descend to the top of Meigs Falls. Small trees and a slew of exposed tree-roots are useful as hand-holds, though hikers should remain cognizant to exercise caution!



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