Phil Perkins Photography

Steps Into The Forest

Enjoy the great outdoors!

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These photographs feature a series of stone steps leading into a forest of the Smoky Mountains, in Tennessee, as observed along the trail to the Chimney Tops:


5 responses to “Steps Into The Forest”

  1. ellie894 Avatar

    Beautiful and inviting 🌳

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks, Ellie ~ glad you like it!

  2. Felipe Adan Lerma Avatar

    You chanced on a visual gold mine at Chimney Tops, Phil! Can you get to it easily, or gotta plan a trip to do? Esp liked the left & middle shots 😊

    1. Phil Avatar

      “Easy” in the sense that there is a wide, established trail with many steps in place for hikers. Not so much, though, when the degree of slope is considered (steep). Two keys include an early arrival time, and also plenty of water 🙂

      1. Felipe Adan Lerma Avatar

        Oh, yeah, steepness is a tight gatekeeper for my wife & me! Gotta be something we can manage 😊

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