Circle Bar Arch

Part Five – Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area

Moving right along, it wasn’t long before I spotted this sign. Though I hadn’t heard anything about an area referred to as “Circle Bar Arch”, it was only 100 feet uphill from the trail, and the Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area seemed to be full of interesting surprises.

Indeed. When I reached the top I was greeted by a broad sandstone wall, filled with intricate contours, crevices and arches.


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9 responses to “Circle Bar Arch”

  1. Beautiful pics. I love the texture of rocks. There’s abstract art in nature forms 🙂

    1. Thanks – glad you like it!

  2. Outstanding shots 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Leyla 🙂

  3. The nature is fantastic. It looks like a human carved these stones 💓

    1. Yes, the detail in the sandstone is really unusual & interesting!

  4. Incredible! You are really making me want to visit Tennessee!

    1. There are some really wonderful spots to see, no doubt 🙂

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