Phil Perkins Photography

Old Basketball Hoop

It had been a while since I played basketball, and I’d been thinking of it lately. My under-inflated ball was stored inside of a box in the garage, not far from an air pump. Shorts, t-shirt, shoes, air in the ball – I was ready.

The basketball hoop where I used to shoot wasn’t far, and so I practiced dribbling along the way. When I arrived, I took a moment to review the situation, and then remembered that I had a good book at home which I was planning to read.

Game over.


3 responses to “Old Basketball Hoop”

  1. Felipe Adan Lerma Avatar

    Ahhhh, welcoming the unforeseen opportunity to grab a good shot of another kind anyway! Can imagine birds would love this hoop! Nicely done, Phil! Tweeting! 🙂

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks, Felipe – glad you like it!

  2. smilecalm Avatar

    looks like you are
    ready for the finals,
    almost 🙂

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