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  • City Scene

    How much is too much? When you can hear your neighbors through the walls, floor and ceiling, or, miss the liberty of driving a car on an open road to escape the chaos of a congested urban environment, or, struggle to clearly recall what a forest trail looks like, or, often find yourself thinking about life in a quiet countryside setting…perhaps it’s time to move.

    In the meantime, you might enjoy my digital artwork as a reminder. It’s available on a variety of products when you visit any of the following shops…

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  • Black and White Tower

    Black and white photograph of Look Rock Tower, in the Smoky Mountains.

    This black and white photograph features a concrete structure known as Look Rock Tower. Located in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee along the new section of the Foothills Parkway, near Townsend, it serves as both a weather station for monitoring air quality, and as an observation platform. It’s also available on prints in my gallery, so stop by sometime and see what you can find.

  • Shots From the Trail

    These photographs are available for sale on prints and other items, seen here –

    1. Little River Rapids
    2. Nemo Bridge
    3. Sunrise Silhouette

    The Little River Rapids photograph was taken along Little River in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, when the sun was behind a tall mountain peak.

    The Nemo Bridge photograph was taken in autumn along Emory River in the Obed Wild And Scenic River National Park, near Wartburg, Tennessee.

    The Sunrise Silhouette photograph was taken along the newer section of the Foothills Parkway, at the Smoky Mountains near Wears Valley, Tennessee.

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  • New Phone Case

    Sample iPhone case from Redbubble

    After many years of using the same phone (and, given that the battery appeared ready to explode!), I finally purchased a new iPhone. In addition, I also got this iPhone Tough Case from my shop at Redbubble – featuring my abstract “Creative Cells” digital artwork. Pleased with the product, I thought I’d share this photograph. If you like it, check it out…

  • Poem in Response

    Poem in Response

    Holly Hunter is a very talented poetess, beautiful woman and dear friend hailing from Florida, and I encourage you to visit her web siteHouse of Heart, to enjoy her creative writings.

    Having read her recent work, “Water for Lovers“, I was inspired to write this poem in response…

    Weightless in the waters of Europa, we shall gaze upon Jupiter, inspired and breathless with awe. Then, pursue a trail of stars as we indulge in grand equatorial vistas of Mars, along the Tharsis Rise. Sojourners, we’ll return to sink our feet into the sands of Jost Van Dyke and wet our whistles at the Soggy Dollar Bar, as the Caribbean Sea glistens with life before our eyes, calling us to swim again.

    © 2023 Phil Perkins

    Europa (Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile), by Santana (1977)

  • Cliffs at Twin Arches

    After enjoying the arches, caves and vistas from atop natural land bridges at Twin Arches, located in Big South Fork National Park, near Oneida, Tennessee, I continued hiking and photographed this large, overhanging cliff. If interested, you can find prints available in my gallery. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Small Waterfall

    Photograph of a small waterfall in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee

    Photograph of a small hillside waterfall, with moss and scattered logs, located the Tremont section of the Smoky Mountains, in Tennessee. See prints available.

  • Little River

    Little River offers picturesque roadside scenery in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, featuring an ever-changing landscape. You, too, can enjoy this waterway – in your home or office – when you visit my galleries to select a print:

  • St. Patrick’s Day

    🇮🇪 Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2023 🍀

    PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from

  • What is it?

    That’s a good question! After careful consideration, what I can tell you is that I designed it using Adobe Photoshop, Filter Forge and Affinity Photo. It’s abstract, contemporary and chaotic. And, it’s also available on a wide range of cool products when you visit the following shops:

  • Bruce Creek Rapids

    This morning photograph features rapids on Bruce Creek, located downstream of Triple Falls, in Caryville, Tennessee. It’s available on prints in my gallery at Pixels, so stop by for a visit when you’re in the neighborhood!

  • Reflections


    Featuring reflections of a blue sky and an interesting mountain range, I used Bryce and Affinity Photo 2 software to create this three dimensional fantasy landscape design. What do you think? If you like it, you can see more – prints, and a plethora of products – in the following shops:

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  • Poem


    Reflections from this morning…

    Two lines in time
    Reflect as one
    In unison

    © 2023 Phil Perkins

    Teach Your Children, by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (1972) – see lyrics here.

  • Cascades


    This summer photograph of cascades was taken at the Savage Gulf State Natural Area, upstream from Savage Falls. Like many other waterways on the Cumberland Plateau, the volume of water present varies greatly depending upon the season of the year. Despite a low level during my visit, I nevertheless considered this underlying rock structure a real treat to see, and photograph. If interested, prints are available. Thanks for visiting!

  • Mead’s Quarry Lake

    I recently had the opportunity to hike around Mead’s Quarry Lake, located at the Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. With cool temperatures and plenty of sunshine, it was indeed an enjoyable and scenic visit.

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